Zeep Notify

Detects insufficient balance and failed call attempts and generate missed call (Zeep).

One platform for all types of call completion services. Fast rollout and time to market, revenue share business model.

  • Bill tries to call Mark


  • Bill has zero balance and unable to complete call


  • Mark recieves the Missed Call from Bill, sent by Zeep Notify


  • Mark calls back Bill



  • Real missed call on screen

  • Natural for people and real time

  • Best in class response rate comparing to SMS

  • Complimentary Call Completion option to existing services

  • Network feature — no marketing, no opt-in

Maximize callbacks

  • Some networks allow zero-balance subscribers to send a generic SMS notification i.e. «This subscriber has zero-balance, and is requesting a callback»

  • Missed calls result in significantly more callbacks than SMS notifications do

  • Demonstrated on 30 different networks, and counting. Here is why:

SMS Notification
Zeep (Missed call)
  • Range
  • Sending
  • Appears as
  • Received from
  • Perceived as
  • Callback requires
  • Only on-net
  • Requires input
  • Generic SMS
  • System number
  • Spam
  • Several steps
  • On-net & off-net & IDD
  • Automatic
  • Real missed call
  • Name/number of the caller
  • Urgent
  • One step

Implementation Results

On average an extra 3-5% of Bottom Line of the Voice revenues

  • Zeeps have an 60% callback rate (average, 30 networks) before Zeep Top is introduced.

  • Zeeps have increase up to 90% callback rate (average).

  • Zeep Top benefits to an extra 5% to Bottom line of the Voice revenues in addition to Zeep!

No Zeep
+ Zeep Notify
+ Zeep Top

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