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Zeep Top

Dynamic wholesale Airtime Distribution (Zero service fee)

How it works:

  • Zeep collect 2050+ parameters about subscriber


  • Bill tries to call or send an SMS to Mark


  • Bill is detected us fundless and given the option to receive Zip Top


  • Bill accepts air time and calls Mark


  • Bill tops up later



Zeep Top service
MNO Profit
  • Service Penetration
  • Smart Loan
  • Bad Debts/churn
  • Bad Debts cover
  • 5-15%
  • No
  • High Risk
  • MNO
  • 80-90%
  • Yes
  • No Risk
  • Zeep
  • Traditional loan service have 6 times lower penetration because of fee for service
  • Flexible amount of each commodity for each subscriber based on profiling
  • Because of smart and flexible approach
  • All bad debts cover by Zeep HK




Best User Exp

No service fee, no interest, right in time

Commodity (Voice, SMS, Data) support

Zeep Top supports commodity airtime advance – Voice Minutes, SMS, Mobile internet mbytes

Flexible/floating Offers

Zeep Top provide amount of commodity based on user’s service usage – flexible up to each subscriber and each action, instead of fix amount from another vendors that extend top-up and targets high arpu subs. Offers usually vary from “just enough to one next usage” to “enough for 1 day usage”

Interactive opt-in

Offer with service delivers in a right moment – when user is fundless and trying to use service. No need to remember USSD or SMS numbers for opt-in

Multichannel Support (IVR, SMS, USSD Push, Web)

Zeep Top uses most convenient channel for offer – IVR + USSD push after call for voice, SMS for SMS and Web page + USSD push for Internet

Monetary Loan support

Zeep Top supports monetary loan as well

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